International Congress on Afro – Eurasian Research I

International Congress on Afro-Eurasian Research I (ICAR’2016 – Almaty) will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, during 12-15 October, 2016, as the Congress of ICAR. ICAR 2016 is sponsored by universities (Dumlupınar University-Institution of Social Sciences & Akhmet Yassawi International Turkish-Kazakh University-The Eurasian Research Institute), international organizations and state institutions.

The local organizing committee would like to invite you to the International Congress on Afro-Eurasian Research I (ICAR’2016 – Almatı) which will be held between 12–15 October 2016 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Selected papers will be published in the following journals:

Dumlupınar University Journal of Social Sciences
British Journal of Educational Technology
International Journal of Economics, Administration Politics
International Journal of African-Eurasian Research
Eurasian Research Journal (First issue will be published in 2017)

October 12 @ 16:25
16:25 — 17:25 (1h)



ICAR 2016