Policy of Economic Diversification in Kazakhstan

Kanat Makhanov

The Eurasian Research Institute invites you to participate in the Economy, Finance and Energy Studies Seminar titled “Policy of Economic Diversification in Kazakhstan” by Kanat Makhanov on January 26, 2017. The industrialization of the domestic economy remains one of the most important objectives for Kazakhstan. The sharp increase in the prices of oil that started in the early 2000s helped to the domestic economy to integrate into the global economy and provided necessary resources for economic growth.

However, rapidly growing oil sector had serious detrimental effect on other sectors of the economy. Measures of the government of Kazakhstan in this regard consisted in implementing various policy packages to support non-oil sector of the domestic economy. However, the issue of the industrialization is still largely unresolved. The seminar intends to analyze and assess some of the main results of the public policy concerning the industrialization in Kazakhstan starting from early 2000s up until now.

January 26 @ 16:40
16:40 — 17:40 (1h)