Sustainable Livelihoods of Private Households in Kazakhstan

Assoc. Prof. Nazym Shedenova

The Eurasian Research Institute invites you to participate in Social and Cultural Studies Seminar titled “Sustainable Livelihoods of Private Households in Kazakhstan. ”The keynote speaker is Shedenova Nazym, Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor of Department of Sociology and Social Work of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.Market transformation and modernization of Kazakhstani society have led to the formation of a new profile of socio-economic stratification of society. Regional disparities between urban and rural areas are an important parameter of social inequality. Features of the formation of the middle class, the new social standards of living and economic forms of behavior should be examined primarily at the micro level – the level of households. The central issue of the report is a comparative study of the well-being of urban and rural households and their adaptation to market institutions. On the basis of a sociological survey the economic survival strategies of households as complex actions aimed at maintaining and improving the standards of living of the family are analyzed.

January 13 @ 16:40
16:40 — 17:40 (1h)