Akbota Akylbayeva

Akbota Akylbayeva

Junior Research fellow

Akbota Akylbayeva was a research fellow in the Eurasian Research Institute at H.A.Yassawi Kazakh Turkish International University. Graduating from Pavlodar Kazakh-Turkish High School in 2009, she admitted to Middle East Technical University at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration (Turkey, Ankara). In 2015 she earned her Master degree in MBA from Fatih University, Istanbul with completing her thesis on “Human Resource Management in Koton Company”. She is a bronze medal winner at the 16th International Environmental Project Olympiad in 2008 (Istanbul, Turkey) and also re

Staff's Publications

April 13, 2016

Threat from Afghanistan in the Central Asian Security Agenda

Over the past several years, the Central Asian republics have expressed their concern regarding the security issues ascending from the rising destabilization in Afghanistan. For many years, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has represented the most substantial security challenge for the Central Asian landscape. Therefore, the withdrawal of the military […]
March 28, 2016

Prospects and Challenges of NATO Warsaw Summit 2016

The 2016 Warsaw Summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will take place on July 8-9, 2016, in Poland. The Summit comes at a crucial time for the North Atlantic Alliance, as the global security aspects have shifted in both the East and the South during the last years. […]
March 15, 2016

Kazakhstan for the World Free of Nuclear Weapons

On August 29, 2016, the Republic of Kazakhstan would celebrate 25 years since the accession to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which has defined the country`s anti-nuclear policy since getting its independence in 1991. The treaty acknowledges the right of every state to use and develop nuclear energy only for peaceful […]
January 27, 2016

Military Cooperation between the United States and Kyrgyzstan: The Case of the Manas Airbase

Since gaining independence in 1991 Kyrgyzstan has officially been globalized. The relations of the United States (U.S.) with Central Asia commenced in the early 1990s, entailing diplomatic recognition and opening of embassies. According to the agreement between the governments of the U.S. and Kyrgyzstan regarding cooperation to facilitate the provision […]
November 3, 2015

Oil Sector of Kazakhstan: Construction of the Fourth Oil Refinery

Presently, Kazakhstan exploits three oil refineries that were constructed during the USSR period: in the Pavlodar, Atyrau and South Kazakhstan regions. The first operating oil refinery plant was constructed in Atyrau in 1945, at the end of the World War II. The plant processed more than 4,920,005 tons of oil […]