Lidiya Parkhomchik

Lidiya Parkhomchik

Senior Research fellow

Lydiya Parkhomchik (nee Timofeyenko) was born on February 9, 1984 in Zelenodolsk city, located at the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia). Since 1986 she became resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan. She graduated the high school in 2001 and at the same year she admitted to Abylai khan Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages​​. She graduated from International Relations Department with specialization of analyst with knowledge of a foreign language in 2006 and after that started to work as a lecturer at the Chair of International Relations of KazUIR & WL.

Staff's Publications

July 11, 2020

Recent Developments in the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project

Taking into the fact that the Trans-Eurasian rail cargo is on the rise it is not surprising that regional countries are strongly interested in enhancing their railway network with new routes and new logistics hubs. Increasing competitiveness of the East-West international transport corridors that create an integrated freight railway network […]
July 11, 2020

Current Developments in a Dispute over the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea

It is widely known that nowadays the littoral states of the Caspian region have moved far away from the legal-theoretical dilemma of whether the Caspian is a sea or a lake in a legal sense (Janusz-Pawletta, 2015). The countries bordering the Caspian Sea are trying to regulate all aspects of […]
October 17, 2019

Natural Gas Industry of Kazakhstan: Key Features and Future Prospects

Among the members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Kazakhstan has the 2rd largest liquid hydrocarbon fields after Russia. (ROGTEC, 2015) According to the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, the recoverable natural gas reserves in the country are estimated at 4.03 cubic meters[1]. Therefore, on natural gas reserves, Kazakhstan ranks […]
September 20, 2018

Russia’s Recent Military Activity in The Caspian Region

Since the announcement of the decision to relocate the Russian Caspian flotilla from Astrakhan to the new Caspian deep-water seaport in the city of Kaspiysk located 18 kilometers southeast of Makhachkala in Dagestan in April 2018, Russia’s Defense Minister clearly demonstrated its intention to focus on the further strengthening of […]
May 22, 2018

New Resource Base for the Southern Gas Corridor

In the early May 2018, Azerbaijani officials announced that the commissioning ceremony for the Trans-Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) will be held on June 19, 2018. It was initially planned that the ceremony would take place in the first week of July, but, due to Turkey’s snap parliamentary and presidential elections planned […]
May 14, 2018

Political Turbulence in Armenia: the Triumph of “Street Democracy”

In 2018, Armenia entered the final phase of the political transition initiated in 2015 after Armenian voters approved the shift from the presidential to the parliamentary system of government with the changes to take effect during the 2017- 2018 electoral cycle. By winning the April 2017 parliamentary election with 49.17% […]
April 28, 2018

The Russian Navy in the Caspian Sea: a New Chapter

Currently, the Russian Caspian flotilla is the largest and most powerful naval unit in the Caspian Sea. Since 2002, Moscow has consistently implemented the strategy of technical re-equipment and reorganization of its naval forces. As a result, the Caspian flotilla has the largest number of warships with modern on-board weaponry. […]
April 23, 2018

April 2018 Presidential Election in Azerbaijan

On April 18, 2018, Azerbaijani leader Ilham Aliyev was sworn in for the fourth term as the president of Azerbaijan after a landslide victory in a snap election that had been rescheduled from October 17, 2018, to an earlier date and took place on April 11, 2018. The inauguration marks […]
April 16, 2018

Eurasia Outlook 2017: Economic, Social and Political Perspectives in Eurasia

Over the last three years, the Eurasian Research Institute (ERI) has been preparing weekly e-bulletins that provide readers with the timely and reliable analysis of recent developments in Eurasia. The analyses, which are prepared by our experts and, in some cases, by external experts, are appreciated by various academicians, specialists, […]
March 26, 2018

March 2018 Presidential Election in Russia

During recent presidential election in Russia held on March 18, 2018, incumbent President Vladimir Putin secured a vote of confidence by winning a landslide re-election victory. As a result, 65-year-old Vladimir Putin will extend his rule as a head of Russia for another six years until 2024. In fact, Putin […]