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Kazakhstan and International Peacekeeping: Experience and Potential

In late June 2017, the reports circulated in mass media that Kazakhstan’s military might be deployed in Syria as part of the multilateral mechanism to monitor the ceasefire regime. The news caused a mixed, though mostly negative, reaction among the country’s general public. While opponents of such a step were […]

Russian Seaports Development: The Case of Makhachkala Seaport

The Makhachkala seaport was the busiest Russian port in the Caspian basin right up to the recent changes in the oil transportation flows in the region. Until recently, the seaport has accounted for more than a half of the total cargo throughput of Russia’s seaports in the Caspian Sea on […]

Demographic Dynamics in Russia: Evaluation of Family Policy

The demographic situation in Russia has been deteriorating for over two decades between 1992-2012 years number of the population has decreased by 5.2 million people (Rosstat, 2016). Moreover, during 1990-2005 years natural growth of the population was one of the lowest in the world. Starting from 2006 demographic concerns began […]

Evaluation of the Resettlement Process: Turkey-EU Agreement and 20 July 2015 Scheme

The civil war in Syria has created one of the largest migration influxes since WWII where 11 million Syrians left their homes in order to escape from the conflict between the regime and opposition forces. During the last six years, 6.6 million Syrians have settled in different parts of Syria, […]

The Social Role of Charity and Philanthropy*

Charity  is an urgent and immediate care about those who is in trouble and need help. The concept of philanthropy differs from charity, as it aims to improve the welfare by preventing and solving social problems. If the charity focuses on eliminating the suffering caused by social problems, then it […]

Russia-Belarus Oil and Gas Dispute: Problems and Prospects

On March 7, 2017, the Prime Ministers of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) member states held a meeting of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council in Bishkek in order to discuss prospects to strengthen mutual trade and ways to remove barriers for the development of the internal market of the EEU. However, […]

Evaluation of Devaluation of Ruble: Winners and Losers

The 2015 year was a difficult year for Russia due to the economic slowdown in the economy and sharp depreciation of ruble against the dollar. The ruble has fallen from 39 on 26 September 2014 to 69.4 on 30 January 2015 losing more than half of its value where it […]

The Role of Globalization in Facilitating Inclusive Education in Kazakhstan

This paper seeks to answer the central inquiry question: what is role of globalization on facilitating inclusive education in Kazakhstan? This exam paper aims to explore how the globalization process brought the notion of inclusive education to Kazakhstan and further on how global forces shaped/modeled it. Specifically, this paper analyzes […]

International Book Fairs as a Cultural Project

Creative industries are becoming increasingly important components of modern post-industrial knowledge-based economies. Not only they account for higher than average growth and job creation, but they are also vehicles of cultural identity that play an important role in fostering cultural policy. During the last decade, a number of governments around the […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Early Professionalization of Pupils: Dutch Experience

School education system of Netherlands, which is recognized as one of the best in the world according to International Student Assessment (PISA), has one significant distinction from other systems, which appears in early identification of abilities and inclinations using special Cito test, which is designed to identify the type of […]