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Side effects of the Russo-Ukrainian War

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, world military expenditure in 2021 exceeded $2 trillion for the first time. In total, the world has spent $2.113 trillion on defense in 2021, which is a 0.7% real increase compared to 2020. Thus, 2021 has become the seventh consecutive year when […]

Some Aspects of Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Consequences

The desire of a person to know and understand his/her surroundings is not a prerogative only for scholars and analysts, as it may seem. The modern period of history is perceived by ordinary people as complex, even alarming, and their aspiration to explain it in some way or another grows […]

Economic Cooperation between Russia and China

Russia’s economy is under severe pressure after it decided to invade Ukraine. The United States, members of the European Union, and other countries imposed sanctions against Russia. Many representatives of the global corporations, which have been working in Russia for decades, left the country. Russia’s major corporations and banks are […]

Economic Cooperation between Uzbekistan and China

Uzbekistan remains one of the key countries in Central Asia. Since the implementation of the new economic policy, the country’s economic cooperation with external powers, including Russia, China, and the countries of the European Union has deepened considerably. In this sense, China’s presence in Uzbekistan increased significantly. Therefore, this commentary […]

Japan’s Cybersecurity: Perspectives for Kazakhstan

With the acceleration of digitalization processes, many governments reconsidered the importance of cyber security. Penetration of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud services require a high level of IT expertise, as well as good governance of cyberspace. Kazakhstan, similar to other countries, has […]

Russia-Ukraine Crisis and European Union Energy Concern

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the sanctions against the Kremlin, led by Western countries, are increasing day by day. On February 25th 2022, one day after Russian troops attacked Ukraine at the behest of Vladimir Putin, the US, EU, UK and Canada and some of their allies announced a series […]

Islamic Practices in Virtual Space

Questions about how Muslim communities are adapting to the digital age, how the online environment is transforming their identities, authority systems, and religious practices worry both Muslims themselves, who are trying to understand the influence of the Internet on their spiritual life and religious scholars, psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists who are […]

Moldova in the Light of Russo-Ukrainian War

The ongoing large-scale Russo-Ukrainian military conflict has already initiated far-reaching geopolitical shifts in Ukraine and its immediate surroundings. As soon as the conflict broke out, it became clear that the conflict was a major risk that jeopardizes Moldova and its choice of European and Euroatlantic integration. During the early hours […]

Centers for Sociological Research as Indicators of Public Opinion

Man is a social being. He wants not only to know what and how is happening in the world around him but also to understand what other people think and how they evaluate what is happening, whether he has like-minded people and opponents, what place he, with his position and […]

A Brief Review of Elderly Welfare in Central Asia

Ending poverty in all its forms everywhere is part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which is generally taken for a benchmark by all UN member-states [UN DESA, 2015]. Recognizing and addressing old-age income insecurity and fighting poverty among the elderly is viewed as one of the goals to […]