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Have The Central Asian Labor Migrants Been Leaving Russia?

2015 will be hard for Central Asian migrants since the depreciation of Ruble against the US dollar by 45% percent has caused a reduction of 40% percent in their incomes. Besides, the cost of monthly payment of working permit has been tripled from 1200 Ruble to 4000 Ruble and two […]

Impacts of Climate Change in Central Asia

One of the main concerns of the 21st century is a climate change. While some believe that climate change is not going to affect their lives, in the reality, it is a socio-economic issue, and not just an environmental one. This paper is an overview of the social impacts of […]

General Environmental Impacts of Subsea Pipelines

In our fossil fuel dependent community oil and gas transportation via subsea pipelines is an important link in the chain of the petroleum industry. Although for some, a construction of offshore pipelines is an opportunity to safely and cheaply deliver oil and gas to a customer, for the others, the […]

Observations on the Kazakh Economy After February 2014 Devaluation -1

Both developed and developing countries have accepted free market economy and according to free market rules, they have implemented open economic policies during globalisation process. As one of the developing countries, Kazakhstan also adjusted to this process. Kazakhstan is the most successful country that has adjusted her economy to free […]

Economy Comes First

The official visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Turkey, which was held on December 1, 2014, has once again demonstrated Russia’s intention to strengthen alliances with countries that do not share EU sanctions policy. It becomes even more important because European leaders are actually thinking about the extension of […]

Iranian Nuclear Issue: Absence of Triumph Does Not Mean Failure

Once again, we became a witness as Iran and six powers finished scheduled nuclear talks on November 24. According to the interim agreement negotiations in Vienna should have resolved all disagreements over Iran’s nuclear program (INP) putting the final point to the 12-year standoff. However, as it has happened many […]