Integrational Initiatives of the Caspian States: Problems and Prospects

Lidiya Parkhomchik

The Eurasian Research Institute invites to participate in the Politics, International Relations and Security Studies Seminar titled “Integrational Initiatives of the Caspian States: Problems and Prospects”, which would be held on December 29, 2016, and given by Lidiya Parkhomchik, Senior research fellow of the Eurasian Research Institute.

The dialogue between the countries of the Caspian Five could be characterized by new trends appeared as a result of overthinking strategical goals for further development of the Caspian region. The Caspian states feel the need for improving multilateral economic relations, so as strengthening security, cultural and environmental cooperation. Therefore, the littoral countries are engaged in ongoing discussions on the launching of new joint projects, which could establish a background for strong economic cooperation between littoral partners and even for possible regional integration.

During the seminar, there would be a discussion on issues such as current political initiatives for strengthening regional collaboration in the Caspian region, possible forms and formants of cooperation among the Caspain Five states in such spheres as energy, economy and transportation, as well as problems and prospects of possible integration in the Caspian basin region.

December 29 @ 16:20
16:20 — 17:20 (1h)