ERI Objectives

The Institute pursues the following objectives:

a) To encourage inter-disciplinary approach to conduct research in the fields of history, archaeology, religion, philosophy, sociology, linguistics, culture, art, economics, transportation, technology, politics and international relations in the Eurasian region in general and Turkic-speaking countries in particular;

b) To develop strategies aimed at protecting regional peace and further cooperation among Turkic-speaking countries in the region;

c) To promote joint research projects and facilitate joint activities with regional and international research centers;

d) To pay particular attention to projects developed in cooperation with regional and international institutions working on Turkic-speaking countries;

e) To support Masters and PhD students’ research activities by providing scholarship in their field of interest;

f) To open new courses;

g) To publish reports, bulletins, journals and books and to prepare digital data base;

h) To make announcements to the public about the activities of/with the support of the Institute;

i) To organize national and international academic workshops and open training programs;

j) To give prizes to the researchers in their field of interest.