Danagul Yembergenova

Danagul Yembergenova

Visiting Research fellow

Danagul Yembergenova is a young specialist in the sphere of higher education governance and management. She was born in Kazakhstan and graduated from Kazakh National University in the Faculty of Oriental Studies. Danagul did her Master's degree in Cardiff Metropolitan University in the Cardiff School of Education. She has been a recipient of several grants and scholarships, including Kazakh State Scholarship, Erasmus Mundus Arcade scholarship, ICCR scholarship of Indian Government. Danagul worked at Nazarbayev University during 2013-2015 and now she is a PhD researcher of Educational sciences

Staff's Publications

December 22, 2016

The Steering of the Higher Education System in Kazakhstan: The Perspectives of Autonomy in Universities

The marketization and neoliberal trends have called Kazakhstan to pay greater attention to the issue of university autonomy. Thus, the topic of university autonomy has been studied rather intensively. However, most of the studies mainly concentrated on the future perspectives of autonomy and formal tensions between the state and HEIs, […]