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Shadowed Social Aspects of the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic, as many experts and observers have already noted, did not so much generate, but intensify and exacerbate some of the negative trends that existed in society before its appearance. The current situation shows that many half-hidden problems in society have suddenly turned into social pain points, which […]

Economic Cooperation between Central Asia and the European Union

Countries of Central Asia consider cooperation with the European Union (EU-27) as one of the most important strategic directions. They intend to intensify trade with the EU countries and attract investments. The EU remains important due to different factors, including the market size, income level, standards, competition, and trade rules. […]

Turkey as the Most Important Non-EU Partner of Moldova

The Turkish Minister of Foreign Affair Mevlut Cavusoglu has recently been on a working visit to Moldova where he met with the Moldovan President Maia Sandu to mainly discuss issues of bilateral economic cooperation, trade, and investments [, 2021]. The sides keenly agreed to increase the amount of bilateral trade […]

The Future Work Is a Hybrid Model

Traditional working models have gone through a series of changes where new working models are increasingly taking part in our lives. The majority of the working model was offline and working in the offices has gone through a major modification during the COVID-19 pandemic era forcing many to work online […]

Post-Merkel Germany: Problems and Prospects

Social Democrat politician Olaf Scholz was approved as the new Federal Chancellor of the country by voting in the 20th term Bundestag of the Federal Republic of Germany on December 8th 2021. Olaf Scholz, who won 395 of the 707 votes used in the 736- member Bundestag, officially took the […]

A New Turning Point in the Integration of the Turkic World: “Turkic World Vision-2040”

The 8th Summit of the Turkic Council, held in Istanbul on November 12th 2021, can be considered as a turning point in various aspects. First of all, the Turkic Council (Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking Countries), which was the result of a process started in 1992 was trans-formed into the […]

Asya Avrupa No: 68

Kıymetli okuyucularımız, Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Üniversitesi’ne bağlı Avrasya Araştırma Enstitüsü olarak Asya Avrupa dergimizin 68. Sayısı ile karşınızdayız. Geçtiğimiz ay, Türk Dünyası için tarihi günler yaşadık. 10 ve 11 Kasım günlerinde, İstanbul’da gerçekleştirilen Türk Konseyi Zirvesi’nde alınan kararlar ile, Türk Devletleri’nin pek çok alanda güçlerini birleştirme iradelerini kuvvetle teyit etmiş; […]

China’s New Cybersecurity Regulations and its Potential Effects

Being the largest digital market in the world in terms of digital payments, mobile services with the largest number of internet users, China has been working on reinforcing its cybersecurity. In line with President Xi Jinping’s vision of data-driven governance that recognizes in 2020 the data as the fifth “factor […]

From The Asia-Pacific to the Indo-Pacific: Underlying Trends and Implications

Since recently, we have been witnessing the term “Indo-Pacific” being used more often than “Asia-Pacific” in the context of global affairs. Oftentimes this new tendency is viewed as a result of recent shifts in the focus by the West in its engagement with the countries of the Pacific region and […]

Migration from Afghanistan: Migration Route and Afghans in Turkey

When we look at the recent political history of Afghanistan, we can see that the country is troubled with a series of developments that are far from peace and stability for almost the last 40 years. If we look at the historical sequence of events, the instability process started after […]