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New Social Package For Oralmandar

There is a new social benefits package for ethnic repatriates “Oralmandar” (word ‘oralman’ is a translation of the word “repatriate” into Kazakh and –dar is the plural suffix) waiting for approval in the lower chamber of Parliament Majilis. The new package includes a number of benefits to encourage oralmandar to […]

Parliamentary Elections In Uzbekistan

From the end of 2014 to the first half of 2015 Uzbekistan has been in the process of conducting regular electoral campaigns. First round of parliamentary elections to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis was held on December 21, 2014. There was also a need for the second round […]

Tolerance As A Value In Contemporary Kazakhstani Policy

Significance of the scientific research of tolerance is determined by practice of embodiment of the principle of tolerance as one of social values. Theoretical-methodological necessity of investigating tolerance is to consider basic approaches about this object, with the purpose to specify its etymological meaning.  

Observations On Economy And January 2015 Devaluation In Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan economy can be regarded as partly affected by 2008 global financial crisis due to limited degree of integration to international financial markets. An explosion at a pipeline caused a drop in the volumes of gas imported by Russia in 2009 but as Turkmenistan owns considerably high volumes of natural […]

Shipping in the Caspian Sea: Case of Kazakhstan

Physical characteristics of the Caspian Sea basin determine specific features for commercial shipping. Currently, merchant marine fleets in the Caspian Sea are represented by different types of vessels such as bulk carriers, oil tankers, barges, road and rail ferries. The majority of ships operating in the Caspian Sea is mixed […]

Tapi Pipeline Building Process: Any Hope For Success?

At the end of the year, energy security in the Eurasian region faced a number of challenges forcing regional and nonregional states to react to the new conditions. It is now doubt that decision of establishing the ambitious TAPI gas pipeline project, a joint venture company for the transportation of […]