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Pegasus Spyware: What You Need To Know

Nowadays, almost everyone carries their phones with them as the main source of communication and stores all their personal data there, which makes smartphones prime target for hacking. Most people use smartphones not only for communication but also for sharing information and storing important documents, photographs and other data. Therefore, […]

External Voting Patterns in New Post-Communist Democracies

The Party of the current president the Party of Action and Solidarity (Partidul Acțiune și Solidaritate) (PAS) won majority of the seats with 52.80% in the unicameral Parliament of Moldova as a result of early elections held on July 11, 2021. With this result the PAS, which is known to […]

Transport Strategy of Uzbekistan: Current Developments

Transport and infrastructure play an important role in Uzbekistan’s economy. Implementation of the open economic policy requires the penetration of new markets. Uzbekistan aims to diversify its exports. Besides traditional markets such as Central Asia and Russia, the country increases its supplies to China, the countries of Europe, and Turkey. […]

Highlights of G7 Summit 2021

The first summit of the G7 group after the outbreak of coronavirus in 2019 finally happened in Cornwall on 11-13 June 2021. The U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson as a host of the summit invited besides the G7 leaders, heads of Australia, South Africa, and South Korea as observers, along […]

Anti-vaccination Movement in Central Asia and Beyond

The main story of two recent years is the coronavirus pandemic, which disrupted the world unprecedentedly. Subsequently, the main question across the globe is how to end it or mitigate its devastating adverse effects. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “vaccines play a critical role in preventing deaths, hospitalization […]

The Current Crisis in Afghanistan and Its Implications for the Central Asian Security

Although the fading governmental control and the revival of the Taliban militancy had gradually marked the state of affairs in Afghanistan for the last few years, the recent surge of the Taliban expansion was inevitably linked with President Joe Biden’s decision to end the US military presence in Afghanistan uttered […]

English Language as a Prerequisite for the Development of Kazakhstan

According to the annual report by Education First (EF), Kazakhstan ranks very low among other countries in terms of the English proficiency level. In 2020, it ranked 92nd in the English Proficiency Index list among 100 countries around the world [EF, 2020]. The situation looks somehow contradictory because multilingual education […]

China’s Third-Child Policy Challenges

On May 31, 2021, the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China announced a new policy that allows couples to have up to three children instead of the previous two-child limit. Although the introduced measures aim to stimulate the birth rate to obtain a long-term term balance of population […]

The Social Progress Index Gives its Independent Assessment

There are various ways of perceiving and measuring a country’s success. One of the most basic ones involves tying the success to the economy and mainly measuring the economic performance of a nation. However, the economy does not always tell the whole story, as even a stronger economy does not […]

Infrastructure and Trade Facilitation in the Eurasian Region

High-quality infrastructure remains critical for economic growth and international trade. Hard and soft infrastructure, effective customs regulation, including digitization of customs procedures are important for boosting trade indicators. Therefore, this commentary aims to analyze recent developments in infrastructure and trade facilitation in the Eurasian region, reveal its problems and provide […]