current projects

June 25, 2021

China-India Relations and Kazakhstan: Reconceptualising the Regional Multistate Paradigm

Sino-Indian relations, due to the geopolitical ambitions of both countries, play a significant role in world politics. For Kazakhstan, which is a direct neighbor to China and extended to India, and strategic partner of both, it is important to formulate an analytical understanding of the processes taking place between the […]
July 27, 2021

Impact of Students – Ethnic Kazakh (Qandastar) On the Educational Space of Kazakhstan: Academic, Social and Cultural Aspects

The purpose of the work is to study and assess the impact of this target group on the educational space of Kazakhstan at the educational, methodological, social and cultural levels. To obtain research materials, namely, primary information, we used both quantitative (online survey) and qualitative (interviews with students and experts) […]